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Cone & Thread Training

Cone & Thread Training

Course Aims

The aim of this module is to present attendees with thorough understanding of medium and high-pressure fittings, components, and related products.


No previous experience or training required.

Course Overview

Consistent performance in the most critical of applications is crucial to a successful system. Proper coned and threaded tubing combined with good handling practices are critical to the fitting's ability to seal and its optimal performance.

This course provides foundational knowledge in cone & thread preparation and installation, tailor-made to bringing maximum efficiency to your system.

Here at Swagelok London, our expert educators will instruct on correct coning and threading procedures, accurate installation, maintenance, and trouble-shooting techniques. Through this you will learn to increase system efficiency and improve system safety.

Although this course is open to all with an interest in the design, inspection, installation and maintenance of medium and high-pressure cone and thread essentials, it has been most favoured by technician, maintenance, and engineering personnel.

Course Content

  • Identifying safety precautions when using coning and threading tools
  • Understanding the differences between medium- and high-pressure fitting components
  • Proper use of coning and threading tools (including tube preparation, inspection, and maintenance)
  • Installation of cone and thread fittings
  • Basic troubleshooting

Having successfully completed this course, you will have the ability to install and demonstrate the correct use of cone and threading tools, differentiate between components and list safety precautions when using the tools.


Swagelok Certification of completion and wallet card – valid for 3 years


1 day


For further details about this course or to speak with our Training team email or call +44 (0)1923 272 000

Course Dates

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