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Installation Training


Swagelok Installation Training

Course Aims

The aim of this course is to provide extensive understanding about installation practices and strategies for tubing systems. Over the course of one full day, it will give your personnel direction on working safely and help you improve practice of installation performance, trouble-shooting techniques, and reliability.  


No previous experience or training is required.

Course Overview 

The day is divided into two main sessions, of which lunch is arranged in between. This time allows for forum opportunity amongst students, to review the material learnt during the first session, network and become better acquainted.

- Please advise us ahead of time if you have any specific dietary requirements.

The morning period, based in a classroom environment, covers the theoretical half of the course, concluded with a written examination.

The afternoon session is centered around a practical workshop. The examination encourages students to demonstrate their understanding by fabricating a burst test loop, using knowledge and best practice learnt from the theoretical session.

The test loop is prepared by the student and is tested on our leak test rig. The facilitator increases the pressure until the loop bursts on the straight tubing section. This proves that good and safe installation practices have been mastered, resulting in trouble-free systems at your facility.

Course Content

The installation process combined with proper selection of tube fittings is essential to reliable tubing systems. In this in-depth training, attendees will receive hands-on practice in the proper use, installation, and maintenance of Swagelok tube fittings, including theoretical aspects of "Tube versus Pipe", whereby careful attention is paid to safety throughout.

Course Curriculum:

  • 50% Practical content 50% Theoretical content
  • Correct material selection and handling (based on environmental and pressure considerations)
  • Good tube handling practices (including cutting, de-burring and compensating for other variables)
  • Accurate and safe tube fitting installation procedures
  • Installation and re-tightening procedures (including pre-swaging, gaugeability)
  • Tube system installation (including correct support, placement, and monitoring procedures)
  • Tube fitting mechanics and incorrect practice identification (including safety directives on intermix and interchange)
  • Correct thread type identification and installation methods
  • Correct tube bending practices (including practical exercises)
  • Safety Considerations


Receive a global standard Swagelok certification & accreditation card valid for three years, issued upon successful completion of both theoretical and practical sessions of the course (including a written examination with a pass mark of 80%)

Once qualified in this program, you can return to your place of work equipped with both the knowledge and tools to put what has been learned into practice.


1 day


For further details about this module or to speak to a member of our Training Division and find out about our full range of courses email or call         +44 (0)1923 272 000

Course Dates
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