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Pressure Regulator Training

Swagelok regulators

Course Aims 

To provide registrants with a detailed understanding into the function of Swagelok Pressure Regulators and the significance in their selection to control and withstand pressure. While noting possible performance challenges to improve system productivity, this course aims to give direction on strict inspection, testing, cost-effective maintenance, and a hands-on experience in identifying key components.


No previous experience or training required.

Course Overview

Selecting the correct regulator is a primary consideration when making decisions for your fluid system. In taking this course you will learn the basics of regulators, pressure management and how to select the best suitable regulator for your application to improve efficiency, reduce and resolve common issues.

Once this course is successfully completed, you will own the skills to list general regular components using the correct terminology and identify key design and performance characteristics of a regulator. You will be confident in discussing the various types of regulators including their applications and be able to state vital design considerations when applying regulators in a fluid system.

Course Content

  • Function, loading mechanisms and safety considerations when selecting a pressure regulator
  • Relate function and performance to associated companies
  • Sizing of regulators and utilising flow charts
  • Supple pressure effect (SPE), droop, choking, lock-out, creep and Joules Thompson effect
  • Demonstrate SPE
  • Relate performance characteristics to the importance of good selection and regulator design
  • Consideration of venting and proportional relief valves to enhance safety for certain systems
  • Practical instruction on actual maintenance of Swagelok regulators
  • Suggestions on inspection and testing techniques


Swagelok Certification of completion and wallet card – valid for 3 years


1 day


For further details about this course or to speak with our Training team email or call +44 (0)1923 272 000

Course Dates

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