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ECITB Small Bore Tubing SBT03


Assemble and Install Small Bore Tubing with Cone & Thread Medium and High Pressure Fittings

Medium and high pressure tube fittings are different to the lower pressure twin ferrule type, a high or medium pressure fitting must be coned and threaded to specific dimensions and standards, the SBT02 course covers what technicians need to know to work with cone and thread connections. 


No previous Small Bore Tubing training required.

Course Overview

To provide delegates with the training required to demonstrate the knowledge and practical skills of working with small bore tubing systems through an individual knowledge test and practical exercises, giving an understanding of the relationship between installation requirements and health and safety in the workplace, how to contribute to a good working relationship and identify hazards in the workplace.

Course Contents (2 days):

  • Differences between twin ferrule fittings and cone & threaded connections
  • Cone & thread connection tubing requirements
  • Cone & thread connection overview
  • How to measure tubing for cone & thread connections
  • Coning and threading process (using manual tooling)
  • Cone & thread connection installation (assembly, disassembly and reassembly)
  • Cone & thread anti-vibration connections
  • Tube and component selection
  • Tube and component storage and handling
  • Tube and component installation and maintenance
  • Common do's and don'ts
  • Differences between taper and parallel threads and how to identify both
  • Thread lubricants, sealants and tapes and how to use them correctly
  • Tube cutting
  • Tube de-burring
  • Tube bending

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