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Swagelok 60 Series Ball Valves

Low-E Certified Valves suitable in a wide range of applications

60 Series Ball Valves

Swagelok® 60 SERIES VALVES

Ball valves begin with a simple idea - a spherical component with a hole through it. When the hole is lined up with tubing on either side of the valve, fluid can run at full flow. Rotate the sphere at 90 degrees and you shut off flow.

Swagelok has developed a line of ball valves based over a fundamental valve design, offering key improvements that is suitable for a wide range of applications: 60 Series.


There are several key features of the 60 Series ball valve that create a distinct design difference versus a traditional valve design.

  • Designed to be operated in a fully open or fully closed position
  • End connections sizes range from 1/8 to 2in. and 6 to 25m with additional sizes available
  • Temperature ratings from -65 to 850˚F (-53 to 454˚C)
  • Standard working pressure up to 2200psig (151 bar) with an option to increase to 3000psig (206bar)
  • Stainless steel, brass carbon steel, and special alloy materials available
  • Wide selection of seat materials including:
Reinforced PTFE (Standard) Alloy X-750 (for T60M Thermal Service Valve)
Carbon /Glass PTFE (For A60T Fire Service Valve) PEEK (for S60P Steam Service Valve)
UHMWPE (Polyethylene) Virgin PTFE (for C60V Chlorine Service Valve)

Designed for Reliability and Low Maintenance

60 Series Playbook

Learn more about the several types of 60 Series Valves performance, design and the applications they are best suited for from our Swagelok product experts in this playbook.


Minimize the Costs of Fugitive Emissions

As you seek to prevent future leaks, learn more about the topic of fugitive emissions, minimizing their associated costs and the impact on your company's profitability.

Swagelok 60 series process ball valve

Swagelok® 60 Series Valves

At Swagelok London, we have the right combination of 60 Series Valves suitable for a wide range of applications. View our selection and look to our advisors for assistance.

If you require a ball valve that you can rely on to activate consistently regardless of time in service, while also protecting your people and the environment consider Swagelok 60 Series Valves with Low-E Certification.

Swagelok ball valves keep system fluid where it belongs, control fugitive emissions and potential leak points. When selecting products for your facility, the total system design must be considered to ensure safe, trouble-free performance.

The 60 Series has been engineered for repeatable, leak-tight shutoff, with low overall cost of ownership –  and can be configured to a wide range of specifications. Protect your fluid system investment from installation to everything after with full support from our expert on-site Evaluation & Advisory services.

Gain private knowledge tailored to your unique operations - Contact our team of specialists to start a conversation.


Features of the 60 Series General Purpose Ball Valves


Learn more here

Flow Calculation Principles and Valve Sizing

In this technical bulletin, learn how flow can be estimated to help select a valve size without complicated calculations.

Swagelok Valve Essentials Training

Learn to choose the right valves for your applications by identifying proper valve types and functions, understanding key features, construction, and identifying common issues.

Meeting the Toughest Industry Standards

Now with the additional assurance of a Low-E certificate, learn how valves also reduce emissions while continuing to help you perform under pressure.

Relieve various pressures on your business through Evaluation & Advisory Services

See how we help customers find success through the use of 60 Series Valves and benefits of our fluid system Evaluation & Advisory Services.

60 Series Quick Look

Improving safety & performance with a number of combined distinct features, learn how Swagelok London is uniquely positioned to provide a selection of robust, reliable valves helping to ensure efficient flow across your facility under high pressures and strict environmental regulations.

Swagelok Valves

Safety is a key consideration when selecting, maintaining, or replacing valves. Known for durability, view our range able to perform reliably even after years of use in demanding applications.