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Hose Advisory Services

Swagelok Hose Advisory Services

What is Swagelok Hose Advisory Services?

Swagelok Hose Advisory Services (HAS) is a service programme offered by Swagelok Co. though its global authorised sales and service network in which we utilise our 70 years of industry expertise in fluid system design to help improve hose life and hose performance at your facilities. A fully trained Swagelok hose specialist serves as your partner and trusted advisor to troubleshoot hose related problem areas that may exist at your facilities. 

What is included in a HAS Session?

During an HAS Session, our Hose Adviser will come on site to your facility and work with you to best understand your needs and goals for improving your hose systems. After establishing goals that are most meaningful to you and your team, the Hose Adviser will complete a level one visual inspection of the key areas that have been identified. Upon completion of the HAS session, you will be provided with a Swagelok reviewed and approved report that includes the following:

  • A summary of overall findings and improvement suggestions for hose installation, inspection, and selection at your facility
  • A personalised guide for hose inspection and preventative maintenance, tailored to reflect the findings at your specific facility
  • Suggestions on potential replacement options for hose assemblies that may be a better fit for a particular application
  • Tips and suggestions for preventative maintenance schedules for the specific applications at your facility
  • A prioritised list of improvement recommendations for individually identified hose assemblies at your facility 

Why should you make an investment in Swagelok Hose Advisory Services? 

We understand your resources are becoming more valuable than ever and that an investment in a new service program can be a difficult consideration.  We ask you to please consider a few questions though:

  • Are you tired of spending your limited budget continuously replacing the same damaged or worn hoses?
  • Are hose related problems costing your plant money from unplanned downtime or wasted products? 
  • More importantly, are these hose related issues potentially risking injuries to your employees and damage to the environment?
  • Do you have other priorities and day-to-day activities that prevent you from giving your hoses the attention they deserve?
  • That’s where we come in. We know you are busy and may not have the time, resources, or experience to troubleshoot the hose related problems that may exist within your facility. 

With Swagelok Hose Advisory Services, we are here to serve you not just as your local hose expert, but also as your partner, to make your job easier and to allow you to operate more safely and more efficiently, making your company more profitable. 




If you would like to find out more about Hose Advisory Services or other services available from Swagelok London, please contact our Customer Service Team on +44 (0) 1923 272000 or email