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Swagelok Tube Fitting Advantage


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Swagelok Tube Fitting Advantage

Better by Design. Performance and Reliability You Can Trust


Our unique design, manufacturing quality, and premium raw materials all contribute to the Swagelok fitting's unwavering reliability. Ease of installation comes standard, with fittings designed to exact tolerances, arriving to you fully assembled, enabling repeatable connections and reassembly. 

These benefits, together with our associates care, quality culture, and expertise, ensure that every Swagelok fitting exceeds our customers highest expectations. 

Our local pressure control specialists across the Caspian region, Central Asia and West Africa can assist you in maintenance and solutions to create efficiency throughout your facility. 

Find your Fitting   Optimize Your Fluid System Performance

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Tube Fitting Advantage Support

Delivering world-class design knowledge, manufacturing know-how, and materials science expertise. Learn how Swagelok tube fittings help you reduce leaks and improve your operations in this 4-step guide.

Train Your Teams.

Our expert-led and hands-on product and safety training programmes are among the most thorough available, helping to strengthen your workforce.

Your Guide to the Swagelok® Tube Fitting Advantage

Swagelok developed the original two-ferrule tube fitting in 1947, and with 200 active patents worldwide. Discover why Swagelok is your best option for repeatable, leak-tight connections.

With over 75 plus years of expertise, our local specialists can work with you to understand your system requirements, providing you with the guidance and engineering support you need.

Additional to our Evaluation and Advisory and Fabrication and assembly services, our available training opportunities can help fluid system professionals discover a variety of training courses designed to enhance your critical skills for developing, building, and maintaining high-performing fluid systems, with topics covering everything from advanced installation, inspection, to pressure regulators and more.

If you are interested in Tube Fitting Advantage and optimal fluid system performance, allow us to support you. Contact our team of specialists to start a conversation.



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Swagelok Products

View our wide range of Swagelok products.

On-Site Services

We put the best people in the field to help your operations run smoothly, no matter how demanding the industry and application. Learn more.

Installation without Complication

Fabrication, Assembly and Build - Swagelok's proprietary two-ferrule tube fitting outperforms others in tube grip, gas seal, and vibration resistance to provide repeatable, lock-tight connections. 

Better Design. Better Stainless Steel.

Be confident in your stainless steel, we know what's in ours. 
Learn more about our materials and how they can best benefit your systems. 

Improve Fluid System Performance

Discover how our technicians can help better diagnose common problems that impact fluid system performance and safety. Learn more. 

Fluid System Training: Is Your Trainer Trained?

In this blog we'll walk you through many variables that go into safe and successful industrial fluid system operation and Swagelok's full range of training opportunities. 

Tech Tips: The Swagelok® Tube Fitting - Superior Tube Grip, Gas Seal, and Vibration Resistance

The two-ferrule, compression-grip Swagelok® tube fitting creates a leak-tight seal that is resistant to vibration fatigue while being simple to install, dismantle, and reinstall. Learn how the many components of the Swagelok tube fitting design work together to limit the risk of severe leaks and costly system downtime.

How to Properly Install a Swagelok® Tube Fitting

This step-by-step video demonstrates how to install a ¼- to 1-inch tube fitting, including required equipment and nut tightening instructions.

Tech Tips: How to Assemble FK Series Medium-Pressure Tube Fittings

This step-by-step video guide will show you how to build Swagelok® FK Series medium-pressure tube fittings. FK Series fittings outperform standard cone and thread fittings in terms of dependability, simplicity, and installation speed. Their vibration-resistant construction, along with the capacity to reassemble several times, can assist to reduce total maintenance costs.