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Swagelok London

Your Authorised Swagelok Sales and Service Centre

Swagelok Local Capabilities

Discover the benefits of Local Capabilities of fluid systems in your industry

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West Africa, Caspian Sea & Central Asia


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Achieve more with the help of our local fluid system specialists. Every day, Swagelok professionals use their technical and application knowledge to assist customers all over the world in resolving pressing fluid-related challenges.

Our sales and service centres are ideally located across West Africa, the Caspian region and Central Asia to best assist you at your convenience, positioned to provide what you need to keep your projects on time and on budget. 

Local Solutions & Global SupportSERVICE CAPABILITIES Engineering Support


Available where and when needed, no matter the complexity or location of your project.

Our local field engineers and fluid system specialists drive Swagelok engineering services, providing rapid support and high-level application expertise to help you increase operator safety, reduce costs and improve profitability. 

Engineered to perform under pressure, trust in our team who has completed rigorous training and development programmes taught by recognised industry experts to fulfill your fluid system needs. 

Swagelok® On Site Services

Engineers from Swagelok are accessible to assist you in preventing potential safety risks or violations that could harm your people, systems, or reputation. Set priorities for solution implementation with our On Site services.

Expand Your Knowledge with Our Specialists

Critical abilities for creating, constructing, and maintaining dependable fluid systems are taught in a broad range of Swagelok® training. Bridge the skills gap and view more. 

Global Construction

We can help provide Global Capabilities with Local Support, safely, on time, on budget. Ideally located locally to aid your international projects.


Here at Swagelok, we provide several capabilities of fluid systems in your industry. We work with you to understand your needs and challenges, reducing your operating costs and improving safety, while delivering quality solutions.   

Our training programs provide a range of valuable and practical tools for meeting day-today challenges related to fluid and sampling systems. In-depth, hands-on courses taught by experienced instructors to help both new team members and industry experts. 

Survey & Audits
Increase Protect your people, systems, and reputation from potential safety incidents or violations by using Swagelok field engineers to recommend and help prioritise the implementation of solutions and supervise installation as needed by inspecting your plants and facilities. 

Engineering Support
Whether you need more reliable fluid system operation to boost process efficiency, reduce unplanned downtime, increase processing margins, lower operating costs, or all of the above, Swagelok field engineers can help you develop effective responses to your most pressing fluid system-related challenges.

Fabrication, Assembly & Build
If you are short on time and labour, Swagelok® technicians can fabricate your fluid system assemblies for you. You will receive a professionally designed, repeatable solution with testing, inspection, and packaging included—all backed by the Swagelok Limited Lifetime Warranty

Local Presence, Local Stock, Local Content
Swagelok continues to expand operations across West Africa, the Caspian region and Central Asia, with sales and service centres ideally located in local areas. We have a team of local field engineers who can work alongside you to deliver the expertise you need to feel confident in the performance of your fluid system lifecycle.

Global Construction
Managing any large-scale facility construction project can be difficult, and when stakeholders are in multiple locations, projects can become even more complex. Coordination is critical—and we can help. 

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Achieve More With Our Engineering Support

Learn how our Fluid System Specialist can help you solve pressing challenges through our Engineering Support Services.

Save Time with Fluid System Assemblies

Short on time and labour? Learn more about Design and Assembly Services here.

When Training Meets Solutions

Do you have the practical experience to install every component properly? Learn how to create real Fluid System solutions with our full range of Training Opportunities. 

Customer Success Stories

Approaching challenges and ensuring reliable solutions. View Results. 

Supporting Local Operation Worldwide. Discover services near you.

Our Design, Fabrication, and Assembly specialists work with businesses to add efficiency and reliability to their operations, constructing fluid system assemblies from more than 200 Sales and Service Centre's between West Africa, the Caspian region, Central Asia and beyond. Learn more.

Meeting the Toughest Industry Emissions Standards

Learn how products help you succeed under pressure while also reducing emissions with the added assurance of a Low-E certificate.