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Swagelok Regulator Flow Curve Generator

Compare the performance of up to four different regulators in the same application

Regulator Flow Curve Generator Tool

West Africa, Caspian Region & Central Asia


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Gas Distribution Panels and Regulators

Swagelok Gas Distribution Panels (GDP) and Regulators. Performance and Reliability You Can Trust


Whether you are improving existing systems or building new ones our Gas Distribution Systems are designed and fully assembled using high-quality leak-tight Swagelok components. These are tested before installation to reduce troubleshooting and maintenance time. 

Some of the components used are our very own Pressure regulators which play a crucial role in many industrial fluid and instrumentation systems, helping to maintain or control desired pressure and flow in response to system changes. It is important to select the right regulator to keep your system operating safely —the wrong choice can lead to inefficiency, poor performance, frequent troubleshooting, and potential safety hazards. Our local pressure control specialists across the Caspian region, Central Asia and West Africa can assist you through the selection process, regular maintenance and solutions to create efficiency throughout your facility. 

how to choose a regulator    Improving Safety and Performance of Gas Systems

Resources Curated for You

Regulator Insights

Looking for deeper insights? Everything you need to know about pressure regulators, behind this button.

Your Guide to the Swagelok® Gas Distribution Program

Improving Safety and Performance of Gas Systems, designed to ensure your safety, increase uptime, reduce costs, improve accuracy and repeatability.

Understanding Regulator Types

Learn more about the several types of regulators and the applications they are best suited for from our Swagelok product managers and Sales and Service Centre field engineers.

We are proud to have been selected as Winner of the Innovation Awards by the P.I. Process Instrumentation magazine and  Breakthrough Products Awards by Processing Magazine. The award recognises Swagelok as a leading solutions provider.  The Swagelok solution, utilising its new Gas Distribution Program provided a robust and maintainable system to reduce risk by improving safety and reduce maintenance costs by eliminating leaks and minimising leak points.




Our local specialists work to understand your system requirements. With 75 plus years of expertise, they can provide the guidance and engineering support you need.

Additional to our Evaluation and Advisory and Fabrication and assembly services, our available training opportunities can help fluid system professionals gain a more thorough understanding of how the right regulator can help increase safety while improving efficiency.

If you are interested in Gas Distribution Panels and optimising regulator performance, allow us to support you, contact our team of pressure control specialists to start a conversation.



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Pressure Regulators

Discover our range of Swagelok regulators.

GDP Quick Look

Improving safety & performance of gas systems. Learn how Swagelok is uniquely positioned to provide gas distribution systems and pressure control advisory services that help you ensure your facilities and sites are operating safely and efficiently.  

Troubleshooting Regulators: A Quick Guide

Experiencing pressure control issues? Use this step-by-step guide to troubleshoot some of the most common problems associated with pressure regulators.

Need help selecting the right Regulators?

Learn more about choosing the right type of Pressure Regulator for your application.

Swagelok Gas Distribution Services

Explore the services delivered by our Swagelok-certified Gas Distribution Advisors, available to help you improve the reliability of Gas Distribution Systems by analyzing your existing operations and recommending system improvements.

How to Troubleshoot common Regulator Problems

In this blog we'll walk you through a simple process to help you reduce regulator fatigue and troubleshoot common issues you may face throughout an industrial fluid system.

Understanding Regulator Performance

Learn from our Swagelok product managers and sales and service centre field engineers how regulator design and proper selection can affect performance. 

Understanding How Regulators Function

Find out more about how regulators function and why it's important they function properly in your systems from Swagelok experts and engineers.

Troubleshooting Regulator Issues

A regulator not operating as expected can disrupt the entire system, so it's critical to determine the issues quickly. In this video our product managers and engineers will teach you how to troubleshoot a regulator.