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Let our resources be your resources.

Let our resources be your resources. 

Our subject matter experts understand what it takes to keep your systems running smoothly. Experience live virtual training that will help prepare your operation for fluid system success.

In a recent survey, 42 percent of customers cited fewer available resources as one of their top business challenges. As your fluid system solution provider, we're here to provide those resources. If you're interested in virtual training for yourself or your team, contact your sales consultant to schedule a virtual session today! 

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Previous Webinar Recordings

Fluid Systems for H2 Applications

There are many challenges for the processing of H2 as a fuel source. This seminar explores the discussion around the critical considerations for fluid system components (tube, valves, regulators, and hoses) used in Hydrogen applications and systems, designed to help ensure the long-term, leak-tight operation of the system. 

The H2 Fueling Economy

With the demand of Hydrogen powered applications, this seminar covers details on Hydrogen as a distinct viable fuel source, myths and the role that fluid system design and engineering can play in overcoming H2 Fuelling challenges, propelling the industry.

Anatomy of a Hydrogen Fitting

Do you know what to look for when specifying high-performing fluid system fittings for your hydrogen application?  shared tips during our webinar with H2TechOnline

Valve Selection

How to identify the different types of Valves available, their function, construction, material, operation and aid your decisions on correct valve selection.

Grab Sampling

Explore the principles and procedures surrounding grab sampling, and how correctly implemented grab sampling can help achieve reproducible, safety and carbonation in process analytical systems.

Hose Selection

How to evaluate a hose fit for purpose, understand common terms pertaining to hoses and hose selection variables. Determine proper length and hose installation. Best practices for preventative maintenance of hoses

Elastomer Seals

This seminar is ideal for Design, Project, Maintenance Engineers or Technicians who are tasked with safely selecting the correct products and seals for their applications or are actively involved with seeking alternative materials to enhance product and systems. It is also suited for anyone wishing to gain a greater understanding of Seal Fundamentals.

Material Science for Hydrogen Service

Provides the effect of hydrogen on different materials starting with an explanation of the fundamentals of materials science, which will provide a better understanding of hydrogen embrittlement.

Mechanical Seal Support System Best Practices: Applying API 682

Making sure your seal support system is properly designed and installed is critical to keep your rotating equipment available for production.

Regulator Selection

Provides with an understanding of the function of Pressure Regulators and the importance of correct selection whilst identifying associated performance issues that commonly occur to increase system efficiency.

Valve Actuation, Accessories & Industry Specifications

Provides with an overview of pneumatic actuators and outline the critical things to consider when selecting actuators for different applications and locations.